The most expensive city in the world - and it's in the UK

Westminster Bridge in London

London is officially the most expensive city in the world to live in. It'll come as no surprise to the residents, who are left with so little after the landlord, transport system and supermarkets have had their enormous bites of the cherry.

So what are the most outrageous costs of living in London - and where else made the top 10?

Overpriced London

The figures came from, which is a website designed to help expats appreciate the cost of living in their chosen destination. The site compared the information from 200,000 users to come up with average prices in 1,600 cities, and discovered that London is by far the most expensive.

The results were printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, which showed that London scored particularly poorly for things like monthly rent, where only a handful of cities including Hong Kong came out as more expensive. London was calculated to cost an average of £2,630 a month - based on 85 square metres of furnished accommodation in a popular part of town.

The Daily Mail reported that entertainment is also a massive cost in London, where two cinema tickets cost £22.40, making it the most expensive city on earth in which to watch a film. And both petrol and coffee were more expensive in London than almost everywhere else. Coffee is 60% more expensive than in Rome, and petrol twice the price of Los Angeles.

The top 10

1. London
2. Oslo
3. Geneva
4. Zurich
5. New York
6. Lausanne
7. Singapore
8. Paris
9. San Francisco
10. Copenhagen

Good news for Londoners

However, before Londoners get too depressed that their buck doesn't buy much of a bang, it's worth bearing in mind that there have been plenty of surveys on the most expensive cities, and they all tend to come up with different answers.

Mercer, for example, looked at the cost in 214 cities and found that the most expensive place to buy a standard of living that an expat would expect is Luanda in Angola - because imported goods and secure accommodation is so hard to come by. This was followed by Moscow (where accommodation played a major role), Tokyo, Ndjamena in Chad, and Singapore. London didn't make the top ten.

Consulting firm ECA International did the same study a few months later and named Caracas in Venezuela as most expensive for expats, followed by Luanda, Oslo, Juba in South Sudan and Stavanger in Norway. London didn't make the top 50.

UBS, meanwhile, takes wages into consideration and named Oslo, Zurich, Tokyo, Geneva and Copenhagen as its top 5. London made it to number 10.

As with so many of these surveys: if you don't like the answer you get, then you can just ask someone else.

But what do you think? Is London ludicrously overpriced? Is it too expensive to live comfortably in the city?

The most expensive cities in the world
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The most expensive city in the world - and it's in the UK

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