Singapore airline makes emergency landing after it 'just fell from sky'

Ceri Roberts

A Singapore Airlines fight from London to Singapore was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing in Azerbaijan on Sunday after losing cabin pressure.

BBC News reports that the aircraft landed "uneventfully" at Baku airport, and fortunately none of the 467 passengers and 27 crew members were injured.

However, one passenger on the flight told the BBC that the plane's sudden drop from the cursing altitude of 38,000 feet left passengers fearing for their lives.

Nathan Phelps, an electrical supervisor from south Wales, told the BBC: "I literally thought we were all going to die. There was no warning, the plane just went into a deep descent, the masks dropped and you automatically thought we were going to crash."

Following the safe landing, The Telegraph reports that passengers complained that the situation had been poorly handled as there was a lengthy wait for a replacement plane, in uncomfortable conditions without refreshments.

One passenger, Nic Coulthard, wrote on the Singapore Airlines Facebook page: "We are not going to a hotel but will be flying out tonight after an 18-hour wait around the duty free area."

He added: "I don't think it is inconsistent for passengers to be grateful for a safe landing while disappointed at the lack of communication and facilities provided once on the ground."

Passengers also expressed concerns that the cabin depressurisation was caused by a defective door after passengers heard a "loud air noise" coming from the door following take-off from Heathrow.

A crew member allegedly told passenger Matthew G. Johnson that the door on the Airbus A380 had a "mild" leaking seal.

In response to this, the airline posted a comment which read: "The door was inspected by engineers on the ground in London with no findings, and the aircraft was cleared for continued operation."

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