Shhh! England's quietest spot revealed

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Want to know where you can get peace and quiet in Britain? Apparently you should head for North East England to Kielder Forest in the beautiful county of Northumberland to experience the UK's most tranquil spot.

According to a professor of acoustic engineering, this area has less noise than anywhere else in the country - so it's perfect for anyone who needs to get away from it all on an off-the-beaten-track holiday.

In his book Sonic Wonderland: A Scientific Odyssey, Trevor Cox explains how he measured factors including the distance from the nearest road or flight path to find Britain's most serene location.

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"Even the insects were too quiet - they were biting me but not making any noise," he writes of Kielder.

"Zero decibels is your threshold for hearing and once you get below that there is nothing to be heard other than your own body sound."

Kielder Forest also has the darkest night skies in England making it perfect for star gazing.

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