Thief who swallowed train passenger's gold chain fed 96 bananas to recover it

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A train thief in India who stole a passenger's gold chain was forced to eat eight dozen bananas by police so they could retrieve the jewellery.

Kalyan Government Railway Police officers arrested Damu Gupta, 28, for snatching the female traveller's chain on the Vidarbha Express from Mumbai to Gondia, The Times of India reports.

After his victim started to scream, Gupta put the 11g piece of jewellery in his mouth and swallowed it.

Police carried out scans and X-rays to find the chain and an ultrasound eventually showed it in his stomach.

DNA reports that police put Gupta on the banana diet to retrieve the chain.

Inspector S Nirmal of Kalyan GRP said: "He must have had more than seven dozens of bananas in the past three days. Around 1 am on Thursday, the jewellery came out with his stool.

"We cleaned it and kept it in our custody. We will hand over the item to its owner once the case is over."

Gupta will appear in court on 30 December.

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