Accounts and construction jobs rise


job centre

Jobs for accountants and construction workers have increased by around a third in the past year, but there has been a fall in financial services and manufacturing roles, a new study has shown.

Jobs website said there had been a 3% increase in posts in 2013, although with wide-ranging differences between professions.

Accountancy had the biggest increase in jobs at 36%, with a 31% rise in construction, while there were 15% fewer jobs in manufacturing and a 9% decline in financial services.

The increase in jobs has led to a fall in the number of applicants per vacancy, down from 18 in 2012 to around 16 in 2013, said the report.

John Salt, of, said: "Our figures back up George Osborne's claim that the economy is in recovery. More jobs and less competition is contributing to renewed jobseeker confidence.

"We are also beginning to see more evidence of people moving between jobs to improve career prospects rather than settling for anything stable.

"Although the top-line picture is rosy, which the Government is very keen to remind us of, we must remember these are only small improvements and there is still a long way to go before we have a thriving employment market once more.

"I'm particularly concerned with the decline in industries the UK usually relies on for economic stimulus such as banking and manufacturing. The cost of living is rising and consumer confidence has taken a hit, which is impacting businesses.

"It is crucial that the Government continues to provide a stimulus to help employers all around the UK to invest in recruitment so they can create the jobs that will build a lasting recovery."

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