World's cruellest zoo: Surayaba Zoo's animals die daily and are crammed in cages

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A zoo in Indonesia has been labelled the cruellest in the world after it was discovered to be keeping elephants with tight chains around their legs, starving camels and caging 150 pelicans in a tiny coop.

Over 50 animals have died in the past three months at Surabaya Zoo, the Daily Mail reports.

The last remaining giraffe at the zoo died with 20kg of plastic found in its stomach.

Reporter Richard Shears asked a zoo keeper: "How many pelicans does this zoo need? They're not endangered. There's no need to keep this many penned in." The keeper just shrugged his shoulders.

A petition on calls for the zoo to be shut down and has received nearly 66,000 signatures.

The petition lists "lack of caring, funding, and education, inability to control breeding, as well as persistent suspicions that members of its own staff are involved in illegal wildlife trafficking" by the zoo.

It adds: "Let's not let these animals suffer another day. It is up to us to free these and more animals that could one day be housed in this torturous animal prison."

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