Admin staff top lottery poll

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Administrative staff have been crowned the luckiest profession of the year after beating builders into the top spot for the most lottery winners.

Manufacturing employees and managers also beat builders who trailed in fifth behind workers from the care/social work/charity sector for bagging wins on the lottery.


New figures revealed that this year has been a record-breaking year for National Lottery players, as 335 individuals joined Britain's millionaire jet set.

The National Lottery Review of the Year revealed men and administrative staff had struck it lucky in 2013, and announced that the year would end with a further 25 more Brits receiving a £1 million cheque.

The review, which includes publicity and non-publicity winners, shows The National Lottery has paid out more than £682 million to 335 new millionaires during the past 12 months.

It is an increase of 12 millionaires on the same period in last year.

Men again beat women, winning 63% of jackpots.

Aries and Cancer were the star signs which came out on top.Capricorn lost its crown from 2012 to finish bottom of the astral pile this year.

It may have been something in the air but it seems 2013 was the year to win big and keep it quiet. The top three National Lottery winners all chose to remain anonymous.

The largest jackpot won in the UK was £81,381,673.30 in the EuroMillions draw in May. They were followed by two other EuroMillions winners who won £28,847,237 in July and £26,863,588 in November. The biggest Lotto winner of the year to share their news was care home worker Ron Elliot from Sutton, who won £7,959,312 in November.

July was crowned the top month for millionaire-making. A lucky 67 millionaires were made back in the summer, banking £99 million between them, including many from the 100 millionaire EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw on July 26.

The number of millionaires created in 2013 means that The National Lottery has now created more than 3,400 millionaires since it began in 1994.

This year has seen Lotto transformed, with jackpot winners continuing to pick up big cheques and players now banking £25 for matching three numbers. The new Lotto Raffle sees at least 50 winners win £20,000 in each draw, with even more winners as Lotto rolls over.

The National Lottery is guaranteeing another 25 Brits will end 2013 as a millionaire thanks to a special EuroMillions Raffle draw being held on New Year's Eve.

A National Lottery spokesman said: "This has been another extraordinary year for our players with so many new millionaires and multi-millionaires created as well as raising funds for the National Lottery Good Causes.

"New Year's Eve will round off this record breaking year with a further 25 guaranteed millionaires.

"Players may want to get a ticket before their big night out so they can celebrate the start of a very special 2014 at midnight."

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Admin staff top lottery poll

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