Sales of snail slime skincare soaring

Sales of snail gel soarPic: Getty

There is little doubt that when a celebrity endorses a beauty product, the makers can almost guarantee a sales boost. When Kylie Minogue mentioned some years ago that she relied on Pond's Cold Cream to keep her fabulous visage young-looking, you could barely lay your hands on a pot.

But the latest celebrity must-have facial product is not for the faint-hearted - snail slime. In an interview with Reveal, former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts named Dr Organic Snail Gel as the secret to her "soft and healthy" skin. And according to retailers, sales of the anti-ageing 'miracle' product have soared by a staggering 700 per cent in the last four weeks alone.

The benefits of snail trails were apparently discovered quite by accident, as according to the Daily Mail, Chilean snail farmers noticed their skin healed quickly when handling the slimey molluscs.

Upon further investigation, beauty experts found the mucus contains proteins, glycolic acids, allantoin, hyaluronic acid and elastin - all ingredients you may well find listed on the back of your beauty product packs.

Cue skincare manufacturers and beauty salons across the world employing these natural anti-ageing marvels as the latest must-have, and a major boost to the £19.99 Dr Organic product.

Lucy Pottinger, senior beauty buyer at Holland & Barrett, told the Mail: "Although it might appear unusual at first, going back to source can uncover some of nature's best and most effective solutions.
"This is particularly true in natural beauty, which has become the fastest growing category in store as customers realise that the products they put on their bodies are just as important as the foods they put in them."

Ms Pottinger added: "To avoid too much of an 'eew factor', we have combined the natural snail gel with Aloe Vera and Lemongrass to ensure it smells and feels as good as it works."

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