Offers 'saving consumers £38.5bn'

Summer sales

Loyalty rewards, offers and vouchers are expected to save consumers £38.5 billion by the end of the year, equivalent to £1 in every £25 spent, according to new research.

The study for American Express by the Centre for Economics and Business Research shows each shopper saves an average of £742 a year.


Heather Laverne, vice president of Consumer Cards UK at American Express, said: "It's fair to say that rewards and special offers have grown in popularity during the economic downturn.

"But they are now very much part of our everyday shopping experience, helping consumers budget and better manage their finances."

The study covered the impact of multi-buy and price discounts, store card reward points, vouchers, coupons and credit and charge card rewards such as cash back, and restaurant deals.

The research drew on official data as well as two surveys conducted in May and August of almost 4,000 consumers.

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