NHS boss jailed for stealing £43k - and making a note of his crimes

Old Bailey

Dean Evans, a 41-year-old former manager from the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, has been jailed for stealing £43,548 in money and goods from the NHS. He was rumbled after making a beginner's error - he kept a handwritten note of what he stole.

And he's not the first person in a responsible position to abuse it this year.
According to the Leicester Mercury, Evans from Grosvenor Gate in Humberstone was paid £35,000 as a learning and technology adviser, but after his former partner left him, he struggled to cope financially.

He set up his own company without telling his employers, and submitted false invoices to the Trust for goods and services - either overcharging or not delivering anything at all. He also arranged for library fines due to the trust to be paid to his company - and kept the cash. And threw a £600 Christmas party for staff and claimed the cost back as a 'conference deposit'.

The Daily Telegraph reported that he also stole a variety of gadgets including an iPod, iPads and a Macbook, worth a total of £24,000. He sold some of it on eBay and made £10,000.

His activity was uncovered by the Trust and he was sacked in October 2011. He made the foolish mistake of making a note of everything he had stolen in a notebook, which was found by investigators. He has now been jailed for 18 months.

Not the first

It's shocking to hear about someone like this in a position of trust, abusing it in order to steal from those who put their faith in him, but as financial hardship has spread across society, he's not the first.

In September we reported that a post office manager had stolen £31,800 from the tills at work, sabotaging tills, tampering with computers and writing cheques for thousands of pounds in order to fund a lavish lifestyle. She pleaded guilty and was given a suspended prison sentence (on the grounds that she was sole carer to her daughter).

In August it was the turn of a building society manager who was jailed for four years for using her position to steal more than £250,000 - mainly from family and friends. She used the money to pay her sons' debts and make home improvements.

We also reported on the accountant from Weston-super-Mare who was given power of attorney over the estate of a family friend, and used it to con her out of her life savings. He was only caught after she died penniless in a care home in 2008.

And we told the story of the parish clerk who was jailed for stealing £28,000 from the council, after her debts spiraled out of control, and she took out Wonga Loans.

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NHS boss jailed for stealing £43k - and making a note of his crimes

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