Customers check festive finances

Queen's Christmas broadcast

More than 100,000 Nationwide customers did their internet banking last Christmas Day - but they logged off again in their droves in time for the Queen's Christmas broadcast.

Britain's biggest building society said that despite thousands of people choosing to check their finances on December 25, the number of online users dropped off to a daytime low of just under 4,000 at 3pm, coinciding with the Queen's traditional Christmas message being shown.


Nationwide said the busiest time for online banking last Christmas Day was at 10am, when there were around 7,500 users.

A further 55,000 people used Nationwide's mobile banking app to check their finances on Christmas Day, making combined total of 155,000 users. The building society typically sees 700,000 people a day using its digital banking services.

Paul Cooper, Nationwide's head of digital banking, said: "Whilst the traditional image of Christmas Day is a time for opening presents and relaxing with family and friends, our figures show that people still want to check their finances and do their banking."

Nationwide also said 3,000 people were logged on to its internet bank at midnight on New Year's Eve last year.

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