Calendar to raise church loo cash

ladies toilets

A church is selling a calendar based on toilet puns - to raise money for a new loo.

The congregation of All Saints in Lydiard Millicent in Wiltshire needs £50,000 to build new facilities.


Parishioners took part in a photoshoot to illustrate puns involved in well-known toilet euphemisms, including "answer the call of nature" and "take a leak".

Twelve pictures have been selected to form the Washroom Calendar, which is on sale for £4.50.

Reverend Tricia Roberts said: "The challenge has been to create a washroom in line with being a Grade II listed building and meeting building requirements.

"Our boiler is over 50 years old and so we are replacing it and using the old boiler house for the washroom.

"Presently we do not have our own toilet facilities. We normally have access to Lydiard Millicent Parish Hall across the road but if this is being hired we aren't able to use it.

"We are especially aware of the needs of those who travel long distances for weddings and funerals and who arrive to find no toilet facilities in the village."

Ms Roberts said the calendar involved parishioners of all ages, from toddlers to those in their 80s.

Sixteen church members managed to squeeze into the Norman church's small boiler room, the planned site of the new washroom, to illustrate "the little boy's room".

The Washroom Calendar is one of a number of fundraising activities, along with gifts from church members, applications to local businesses and a generous initial donation.

Ms Roberts said the goal was to build the new facilities by August 2014, with any surplus funds used to start on a kitchenette.

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