Woman gives birth on three-hour Wizz Air flight

woman gives birth on wizz air flight

A woman gave birth on a short-haul flight from Valencia to Bucharest on Tuesday.

The passenger welcomed a baby boy on the Wizz Air flight, shortly before landing.

A Wizz Air spokesperson told AFP: "During descent and while taxiing to the terminal, the passenger was assisted on a back row of the aircraft by a crew member and a doctor who was travelling on the same flight.

"Mother and newborn baby were met by the airport ambulance and taken to hospital. We are very proud of our crew who handled the situation with professionalism and care.

"While this mother and her newborn baby seem well, we urge all our pregnant mothers not to risk their well-being and not to conceal their pregnancy."

In September, a London-bound flight with more than 100 passengers had to make an emergency landing in Palmas, Spain, when a woman gave birth mid-air.

The woman was reported to have experienced excessive haemorrhaging during labour. The pilot of the Nigerian Arik Air aircraft requested the emergency landing on the advice of two doctors on board.

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Woman gives birth on three-hour Wizz Air flight

This Oscar-winning actress was born Far and Away from Australia, and there's not a Cold Mountain in sight. But it's understandable that her family were Bewitched by Hawai'i. The scenery and culture make the islands well worth braving a few Days of Thunder for.

Yep, you guessed it. Nicole Kidman - star of Bewitched, Cold Mountain, Australia, Far and Away and Days of Thunder - was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i in 1967.

The holiday island has some villas that are fit for a prince, and its beaches are somewhat more appealing than those around Edinburgh. But be prepared to Duke it out for the sunbeds in high season.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was born in Corfu in 1921.

Jerusalem has seen more than enough wars in its time, but one woman born there is more famous for Star Wars. The actress wasn't born in the Garden State after all - she hails from the fascinating holy city of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Black Swan and Star Wars actress Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1981.

If this squeaky clean pop legend went on a Summer Holiday to the place of his birth, he'd find one of India's least frenetic big cities. So Congratulations if you head to Lucknow – it's a city of parks, fine old architecture and traditional market places.

Sir Cliff Richard was born in Lucknow, India in 1940.

Paris has always had a certain magic, and it clearly worked for the Muggle parents of this actress. She is Rowling in it after making a fortune as a child star in a long-running movie series, so she can probably afford to go back to check out the museums, eat in a few brasseries and climb the Eiffel Tower.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was born in Paris, France in 1990.

This comedian's cross-dressing antics would not go down well in the strictly Muslim country of his birth. Those that visit can see the ancient city of Sana'a and the World Heritage site of Zabid, but human rights issues and terrorist attacks mean Yemen is no laughing matter.

Comedian Eddie Izzard was born in Aden, Yemen in 1962.

The shopping is more souks than malls, but it turns out that Muscat is a Home rather than Away for this flame-haired actress. Better known as an Aussie, this Hollywood comedy star was born in what is arguably the Middle East's most atmospheric city.

Confessions of a Shopaholic and Home and Away star Isla Fisher was born in Muscat, Oman in 1976.

You cannot be serious? This sports star was born in a German spa town? Weisbaden has long attracted visitors for its thermal springs, but our angry tennis legend was the son of a US military man serving there.

Seven times Grand Slam winner John McEnroe was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1959.

Brussels is famous for its brewing, but would you want a beer over Breakfast At Tiffany's? Nevertheless, it's a good place to take your Fair Lady on a romantic break to – Brussels is packed with great restaurants and gorgeous buildings. But which famous actress was born there?

Breakfast At Tiffany's icon Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1929.

Former England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen famously came from South Africa, but it seems as though his successor isn't quite as upper class English as he may seem. This run-maker hails from South Africa's international gateway and biggest city.

Ex England cricket captain Andrew Strauss was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1977.


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