Jaguar takes a bite out of Mercedes' chicken ad

Mercedes-Benz tried its hand at a bit of viral marketing earlier this year, releasing a video that portrayed a group of chickens dancing to a Diana Ross track.
The idea was to promote a new 'magic body control' suspension system that can be found on the latest Mercedes S-class models. It analyses the road ahead and adjusts its suspension accordingly, resulting in one of the "smoothest rides you'll ever experience."

The chickens were wheeled in to demonstrate that it is possible to keep the head completely still while the body moves around. A bit leftfield, we'll admit, but funny nonetheless.

The viral video that was launched in September 2013 amassed over seven million hits on YouTube but now Jaguar wants a slice of that (chicken) pie.

Famous for its fiery XK-R, F-Type and XJ-R models, Jaguar isn't one to be viewed as the shy and retiring type so has released a parody video that sees Mercedes' chicken meet its maker.

You can watch both videos below

The original...

Jaguar's take...

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