Christmas cringe - the worst work gifts

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How bad is your work Christmas present? New research shows gifts from your employer are often better binned. From a few bags of canine food to five extra minutes on your tea break to a free cup of soup, motivational Christmas work presents are often embarrassing, or humiliating.

What are the dodgiest Christmas gifts - and who gives most and least? %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Bah humbug

Employees in the South East are least likely to get a Christmas gift from the boss while those in Wales and Northern Ireland should prepare for the worst. Royal Jelly? A few pouches of cat food?

Perhaps it's best not to expect anything. "For over 42% of workers there's not even a lump of coal waiting for them at their desks, with the poll of over 7,000 Brits revealing they receive no yuletide reward at all from their miserly managers," says an Argos for Business survey.

Vegetable peelers, cat food (for a worker with no cat), a banana, a frozen chicken, a live turkey, and even a 'dance off', a la David Brent, have been some of the most misguided 'rewards' offered by the UK's employers says Argos.

Christmas cringe

You could also add to that list antiperspirant, your own stripper pole, butter warmer, kitten or other small domestic animal.

"One man was also surprised to receive a hairdressing voucher, presumably to help him look his best ahead of the office Christmas bash, even though he's bald."

Good work gifts? They're not hard to work out. Think good quality food hampers, a decent tablet computer or a spin with a supercar. What's not included in the survey, strangely, is a straight cash bonus.

Regions least likely to receive a gift from their employer:

1. South East (20.5%)

2. Midlands (16.7%)

3. North West (14.3%)

4. North East (11.4%)

5. London (11.3%)

6. Scotland (10%)

7. South West (8.5%)

8. Wales (3.9%)

9. Northern Ireland (3.4%)
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