M&S honours glitch offering free toiletries

Bargain hunters hit the shops

In the retailers' enthusiasm for offering bargains in the run-up to Christmas, some have accidentally offered deals that were far more generous than they originally intended. In fact M&S accidentally gave away toiletry sets worth up to £9.50.

What has been most notable is how many of the glitches have been honoured this week.


The M&S glitch came about as a result of the fact the retailer was offering two deals simultaneously. The first is for 50% off all gifts (which is still running at the moment), and the second was for 50% off all items (which has ended). As a result, when some toiletry gift sets were added to the basket, users were not charged anything for them. The savvy savers also added a code for free delivery, so paid nothing for the sets.

When these glitches come up, usually stores don't honour them, so users were delighted when their orders started arriving. Some of them put in huge orders, and one shopper saved an incredible £489.50.

One member deb8z commented "I really can't believe this was honoured, I never get any misprices usually, thanks M&S!" Another member, dataload, commented "Got about £630 worth, one order was 20 items and with the others coming it totals 55 items!"

Those who ordered later saw their orders cancelled instead, but the vast majority got their accidental freebies.

Other retailers

And they're not the only shop that has honoured a glitch. Boots offered a No. 7 gift set worth £29, when shoppers bought any two No. 7 products. With the cheapest product coming in at £3.95, shoppers got their hands on a huge bargain.

The shop also allowed for the stacking of a number of deals which produced a 58% saving on Sanctuary sets. The first was a reduction to £15 for the sets; this could be combined with a 3 for 2 offer, and a 25% off deal.

Meanwhile Thorntons was running a half price sale at the same time as a BOGOF on classic milk chocolate and a discount code for 15% off the total. The retailer allowed all the deals to be stacked, so users were buying £10 boxes for £2.10.

And Sodastream offered a reduction on a gift pack from £44.99 to £24.47. Users of the site added a series of codes to bring the cost down to £14.

All of the retailers have delivered the products at these bargain prices. One member, peterborough123, commented "Sodastream, 50 quid online... got one for 14 quid! Actually thought I ordered 2, emailed Sodastream and told them my invoice said 1... they emailed me back and said they would add an extra one in the order FOR FREE!!!! As a gesture of good will!! :D"

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