Christmas Eve voted most romantic proposal day

Caroline Cassidy
Christmas Eve most romantic day to propose
Christmas Eve most romantic day to propose

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What to buy the other half for Christmas can be a tricky business, but according to a new survey, if you really want to impress, a Christmas Eve proposal is the way forward.

The poll, conducted by, revealed that 32 per cent of British men believe the night before Christmas is the most romantic day to propose, and the festive period overall took 49 per cent of the vote.

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Valentine's Day, the anniversary of that fateful meeting, and Halloween were also popular among the boys.

Of the women polled, 51 per cent said they would like their partner to come straight out with a 'will you marry me', but it seems modern technology also has its part to play when it comes to the ladies.

Some 15 per cent said a proposal via technology is the best way, with 29 per cent of those naming email as the preferred choice. Surprisingly, 27 per cent thought a text message would be romantic, but only 19 per cent voted for a simple phone call.
For the chaps, though, it was all about tradition, with 65 per cent insisting they would turn the offer down if their girlfriend proposed.

On the flip side, however, a survey of 2,000 single men and women by dating website found that nearly three quarters of decidedly unromantic Brits believe ending a relationship just before the Christmas is perfectly acceptable.

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