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Dear Fixer,
I am leaving my job in IT in January to become a freelance web developer. I already have a couple of clients on my books and plan to start as soon as I have quit my job on January 15.

The thing is that I am worried about not having the right insurance in place to protect me should my equipment be stolen or damaged, for example.

Can you advise me what sort of policies I need to take out? I will be working from home, with fairly regular visits to clients' offices. Thank you.

D Hart, Macclesfield

Dear Mr Hart,

When you start working from home, it is a good idea to contact your home insurer to find out if you need to alter your policy.

Having clients coming to your home may make a difference to the cover you need, while there may well be a limit on claims - of say £3,000 or £5,000 - so it makes sense to check that this is sufficient for your needs.

If you are planning to use your own car to visit clients, it is also be worth looking at a business car insurance policy, rather than standard cover - class 1 business use should be fine in your case.

And for extra protection, public indemnity insurance that will protect you in the event of an accident while you are with a client could also prove sensible.

Other options include specialist, working from home policies that offer extras such as "business interruption cover", which pays out if you need to stop doing business due to a fire or flood at your home.

The Fixer

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