World's most expensive Christmas pudding on sale for £23,000

Christmas pudding alight with flames on top.

There will be plenty of families happily serving up a supermarket Christmas pudding this year, and those who smugly show off their planning and cookery skills by producing a home-made delight. But if you really want to make an impression with your Christmas dessert, then you should consider the most expensive Christmas pudding on the market.

It has just gone on sale for £23,000. So what do you get for your money?
The pudding is being offered by luxury website It is made by a swanky pastry chef, Martin Chiffers, who used to be Executive Pastry Chef at The Savoy in London. He was also President of the UK Pastry Team for the World Pastry Cup (apparently).


However, the enormous cost comes from two hugely expensive ingredients. The first is a bottle of Duret 1810 cognac. The cognac is worth £10,890, and is particularly prized because it was made before 1872-4. During these years all the cognac vines were destroyed by the dreaded Phylloxera Vastatrix louse, a tiny yellow mite, which feasts off the roots of vines. It means that cognacs made before this time are highly desirable.

The amount of cognac included in the pudding will be agreed with the buyer (as will the amount of three other exclusive bottles of sherry, marsala and rum). The buyer will also receive the rest of each of the bottles.

The second precious ingredient is a highly collectible gold Henry VI Salut d'Or coin. It has come from the collection of an expert coin dealer, and is worth £7,500 on its own. The gold coin shows the Angel Gabriel facing the Virgin Mary and the Latin cross on the reverse.

It'll certainly be a talking point at the table, and assuming no-one swallows it, you'll be left with a valuable collector's item too.

Record breakers

But if that sounds a bit too rich for your blood, you could try for another festive foodie record breaker. You could have a go at baking the world's largest mince pie. According to the Guinness Book of Records, you'll need to beat the 1.02 tonne pie baked in Leicester in 1932.

Alternatively you could seek out the world's biggest turkey. It just has to beat the current record-holder of 86 lbs. This was achieved by a turkey named Tyson in 1989 - who weighed roughly the same as a large dog.

Or you could get crafty and make the largest Christmas cracker in the world. You'll need to beat the parents of Ley Hill School and Pre-School who made one 207 feet long and 13 feet wide in December 2001.

Or you could get a few friends together and attempt to beat the record set last week for the longest Christmas cracker chain. This was set by 749 people in a Birmingham shopping centre, so you'll need to write plenty of invitations.

Or you could save yourself the bother and expense, serve normal food, and think of something else to talk about.

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World's most expensive Christmas pudding on sale for £23,000
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