Toy storage solutions

When all the excitement of those must-have Christmas toys and games has faded, the average British parent is left with a dilemma - where to put them. Thankfully there are storage solutions available to suit every style, taste and space. Here are our top picks for those desperate to find some floor space.

Toy storage solutions

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Bags, buckets and bins
For a simple, affordable and no-DIY option, there are plenty of storage boxes, bags and baskets on the market. Muji stocks a wide range of storage boxes in a huge variety of sizes, some with lids or drawers, and casters can be added. Prices for the PP range start from around £10.

For an open and easily movable alternative, try the Clutter-Busting Bin (£16) from A Place For Everything, which is great for storing toys and games, and comes with wheels, making it easy to move around and put out of the way. The same website also stocks Giant Storage Stuff Bags (£35), which come in a range of funky colours, and can be zipped up for a cheap and cheerful clutter-free bedroom.

Flexible solutions
For a flexible storage solution, Ikea is a must-visit. The Trofast series allows you to choose a variety of frame shapes, in plastic or wood, to which you can add different shaped coloured boxes that slide in like drawers. Frames start from £20 and boxes from £1.50.

A more stylish alternative is the Stuva range, also from the Swedish flatpack kings. Once again, there are a variety of options, combining drawers, cupboards, wall cabinets and benches, with coloured or wood effect doors to fit in with the room decor. Prices start from £55 for a basic storage unit.

Novelty storage
While most kids are happy to get their toys out, not so many are keen on putting them away. But with a Giant Lego Brick Storage Box (from £13.99) you might just persuade them to take on the task. Modelled on the real thing, they come in a variety of sizes and colours, and you can even stack them like Lego bricks for a colourful and playful storage idea.

You could also go for Ikea's coloured Hanging Storage nets (£4.50), which have six compartments and is opaque, so there's no need for the little ones to get all the toys out before finding the one they want to play with!

Traditional looks
If you've just redecorated your child's room and are keen to keep things stylish, at least for a few months, then a traditional toybox might be the answer. is great for wooden-lidded boxes (from around £325), that are either plain coloured or with an illustrated lid. They can also carve your child's name onto the front at no extra cost, or you can opt for a bespoke box made to your specifications.
Pitter Patter Furniture also offer a range of personalised and hand-crafted toyboxes, where you can choose from a number of themes, from animals to fairies. Prices start from £209.

Be clever with space
You may not have the room for extra units and boxes, and if that's the case, it's time to get creative with the available space. Install shelving in any unused nooks or alcoves, such as an unused fireplace, in your child's room, hang a bag with pockets on the back of the door, or put toys on show with a perforated pinboard and simply add hooks for a cute display.
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