Fast & Furious fan blows up engine at Paul Walker memorial

A Fast & Furious super fan managed to spectacularly explode the engine of his Ford Focus after revving it for an astonishing 20 minutes during a Paul Walker tribute parade.
The motorist was part of a parade that saw fans of the car tuning community gather at the Beach Boulevard Retail Park in Aberdeen to show off their automotive creations in a show of respect for deceased actor Paul Walker.

It seems the Ford Focus owner got a little carried away with the throttle as, according to witnesses, he was revving the engine for 20 minutes before it finally gave out and caught fire.

One fire engine was dispatched to deal with the blaze while other participants branded the unnamed motorist as 'stupid' for his reckless behaviour.

Local councillor Andrew May blasted the driver, telling the Daily Mail: "'I cannot understand the mentality of a person who would do a thing like that.

"It is extremely fortunate that whoever was doing the revving was not harmed."

"I just cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing. If the car belonged to the person who did this, then good - maybe they will have learned a lesson," he added.

Click play on the video below and indulge in a spot of schadenfreude

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