Revealed: the cheapest supermarket for Christmas

Christmas Turkey Dinner

There has been a revolution at the supermarkets. Asda has taken the title of the cheapest supermarket for Christmas for four years straight. However, this year there is a new supermarket at the top of the budget chart. The Grocer's annual survey revealed this new contender has taken the title by slashing some prices dramatically.

So who is the cheapest for Christmas?
Tesco is officially the cheapest.

The survey looks at the price of a typical Christmas supermarket shopping list. It includes Christmas dinner, drinks, chocolates and other vital things like satsumas and batteries. This year Tesco covered the lot for just £135.80. This was 41p cheaper than nearest rival Asda.

UK Marketing Director, David Wood told AOL: "Winning the Grocer 33 shows how hard we're working to keep prices down on the products that matter most at Christmas. And with the relaunch of Tesco finest*, we're showing our customers how much we care about the quality of the food we sell over Christmas, too."

Meanwhile, the Grocer quoted Asda saying this was a hollow victory, because it included a number of deals, and Asda's prices were low for the long term.

This would seem to be reinforced by the fact that the Grocer regularly does these comparisons, and according to the Daily Mail, Tesco has only taken the title on one other occasion in the last 12 months.

An even cheaper option

Of course, as we highlighted in November, the real way to beat the supermarkets at their own game is to shop around, and buy each part of the Christmas dinner where it is cheapest. In our survey, for example, we found that Aldi was cheapest at the time for double cream, Asda for potatoes, Sainsbury's for Christmas pudding and Tesco for stuffing.

Now that covers most of the big names, shopping around isn't as much hard work as it used to be, because you can use the website to compare Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Waitrose and Ocado - then check out your local independents, Morrisons and Lidl on foot. You will need to weigh up whether the research is worth the saving, but there's no denying that with the legwork you could slice another 10% off this total.

And for those for whom all of this sounds too much trouble and expense, there's always the Christmas dinner in a tin - which will cover off all the essentials for just £1.99.
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