Mansory to create Mourinho inspired supercar

Mansory Mourinho

Supercar tuner Mansory has teamed up with luxury lifestyle club Raff House to create its first bespoke vehicle, which is to be named after football coaching legend Jose Mourinho.
Best known for tuning and re-styling top-flight supercars, this will be the first time the German based company will have designed and engineered a car from the ground up. It will feature input from the Chelsea manager himself.

Currently, the look of the new car has only been teased with the above image. However, given Mansory's propensity for taking the finest automobile exotica and slathering them with additional styling – often to dubious effect – the jury is still out on whether the Mourinho supercar will be a real head-turner.

Little is currently known about the Mourinho, other than that it is to be constructed from light-weight carbon-fibre and will develop around 750bhp. If true, that incredible power figure will mean the car is likely to be fitted with a large V12 engine.

Raff House has also revealed that the exterior of the car will be detailed with a unique type of chrome-plated aluminium.

Just 11 examples of the Mourinho supercar will be created, with the Portuguese manager predictably taking delivery of the first from the production line.

Speaking to Raff House, Mourinho comment on what it meant to have a car based on himself: "This is incredible – to have your own car in the most straightforward sense of the term, a car built to fulfill all your desires and needs.

"I've always dreamed of a car uniting the best of Ferrari and Aston Martin – a powerful engine with perfect comfort and class. This is what the Raff House supercar is expected to be like."

More details will be announced at the car's official unveiling in 2014.
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