Emergency landing after passenger suffers mid-air heart attack

A private plane bound for Hong Kong had to make an emergency landing in Chennai after a passenger on board suffered a heart attack.

According to the Business Standard, the flight took off from Bangalore on Monday morning and was flying above Chennai when the 48-year-old suffered a heart attack.

The flight made an emergency landing at the city's airport, and the man was rushed to hospital, reports the Deccan Chronicle.

The plane continued its journey after a 45-minute delay.

Back in October, a Scottish man suffered a heart attack at 35,000ft - on a plane packed with holidaymakers returning from Turkey.

Alex Coyle, 68, from Dunfermline, Fife, suffered a heart attack in the skies over the Czech Republic on a Turkey to Scotland flight - while his horrified wife Helen could only watch helplessly.

A number of passengers helped cabin crew try to revive him using a defibrillator and CPR to get his heart beating again.

The pilot was alerted and the plane made an emergency landing at Prague Airport. He was expected to make a full recovery.

And, back in June, a plane made an emergency landing at Glasgow Airport after a passenger suffered a heart attack on an Icelandair flight en route from Iceland to France, reports news.stv.tv.

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