Video: Bus driver beats up passenger for spitting in his face

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The moment a bus driver beats up a passenger after he spat on his face has been caught on camera.

Dennis Echols, 61, can be seen asking Ethan McKinney, 23, to leave the bus several times at the end of a shift in Seattle.

McKinney refuses to get off, and Echols kicks his bag off the bus in an attempt to get him moving.

In the end, McKinney does get off the bus, but spits in Echol's face on his way out.

Echols reacts angrily, chasing McKinney and beating him while he's lying over a public bench.

Locals can be seen asking Echols to calm down.

The Seattle Times reports that Echols told police he "lost it" after being spat on.

Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond said Echols' actions were inexcusable. Although McKinney spat in Echols' face, Desmond said in "no way, shape or form would that excuse that kind of action".

According to the Mirror, Echols was fired by King County Metro over the incident, and both men have been charged with fourth degree assault.

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