Video: Network Rail releases hilarious CCTV of escalator slip-ups

Network Rail has released CCTV footage of commuter escalator slips and trips - in a bid to remind passengers to take care while travelling.

But, while there's a serious message behind the 'Escalator Escapades' video, it's quite amusing to watch people fall over in public, isn't it? Cruel but true.

The video begins with the caption: "Every year our escalators safely carry millions of passengers. Everyone in this video made a full recovery. Please tread carefully."

Throughout, it warns passengers to take care if wearing high heels, to use the lift if carrying heavy luggage, and to be careful when rushing - and shows what happens when you don't take heed.

It ends: "Last year, we saw 418 people injured on our escalators. Please take care and use the lift if carrying heavy luggage."

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