Seized Jaguar contained £40million of heroin

Seized Jag

Police have seized close to a quarter of a ton of heroin, which was concealed inside a Jaguar saloon.> The stash, with an estimated street value of around £40million, was discovered by officers after they intercepted the silver X-type following its delivery to a business in the Romford area of Essex.

An astonishing 198kg of the drug was found secreted within the car, with every conceivable space filled.

Taking the vehicle apart, police found tape-wrapped parcels hidden under the rear seat, behind the dashboard and centre console and in the spare wheel well.


Blocks of heroin had also been forced into every available nook and cranny in the engine bay, to maximise the amount that could be carried without arousing suspicion.

Two men: Moman Qureshi, 32, of Bradford, and Israr Khan, 34, of Luton, were arrested in the Bedfordshire town and were remanded in custody after appearing before Luton Magistrates' Court on drug offences.

The discovery of such a significant quantity of heroin is the result of an investigation carried out by the National Crime Agency. Dubbed the British FBI, the government department was established to investigate organised crime, including drugs gangs, child exploitation, human traffickers and economic criminals.


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