Drivers warned to keep an eye out for 'brazen' otters


Motorists living in small village in the Gwynedd area of Wales are being warned to keep an eye out for a pair of otters that have got so used to human interaction, they run the risk of being hit by passing cars.
The otters in Aberdyfi have begun drawing crowds from far and wide as their normally shy and secretive personalities have developed into outgoing and, at times brazen, temperaments.

But the council has stepped in and warned that otters are wild and shouldn't be approached by human beings.

According to the BBC, the otters are believed to be brother and sister and have set up home on the Dyfi Estuary, living just yards away from Aberdyfi villagers and visitors alike.

Locals have said that the male has been paddling close to swimmers and lounging on the public jetty to eat jellyfish and feast on the fruits of nearby crabbing endeavours.

Dr Andrews, who has surveyed otter numbers across the UK, told the BBC: "In all these years of studying the otters, this one the biggest surprises we have had.

"They are not scared of people. We have had to shoo them off the main road, when the male was quite resentful.

"He has also been on the pavement in the middle of the village, walking along just curiously."

Town council clerk Neil Storkey said: "The male does seem very tame and he does tend to perform for the visitors.

"He has been seen walking across the road. We are concerned that he might get run over."

Mr Storkey has also warned children not to get too close because although they look cute, they could deliver a "nasty bite."
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