British grandfather dies on 'dream' holiday in Maldives

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A British man has died from a heart attack as he waded out into the sea to meet his wife while they were enjoying a dream holiday to celebrate his retirement in the Maldives.

Paul Bastable, 63, from Dudley, and his wife Elizzbeth had spent a week in a water bungalow in the Maldives.

Elizabeth had gone snorkelling on the reef while Paul stayed in the lagoon. At an inquest at Dudley Coroners' Court, Elizabeth said she believed he'd been making his way over to her to get the underwater camera to use.

According to the Birmingham Mail, she said: "He would have waded out to me – it was in the lagoon part of the water. It was only waist-high. He was coming out to me to have the camera off me."

She became aware of a commotion on the beach, and saw a man being pulled out of the water. She knew it was her husband as she recognised his vest.

According to the Express and Star, Elizabeth said: "It is very, very hard. I have got grandchildren, they are all a big support to me.

"You realise, you do everything you want to do – you can make plans for nothing."

It had originally been suggested he drowned, but , Black Country Coroner Robin Balmain told his son Richard: "I don't believe your dad drowned. If he had fallen or tripped he would have got back up."

He said he had 'sufficient evidence' from the pathology report to conclude Mr Bastable had suffered a heart attack.

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