Female driver flips car in most casual accident committed to film

A video surfaced online yesterday that portrays possibly the most relaxed reaction to a road traffic accident in history.
YouTube user Frisco68 posted the video online with the following comment: "A friend of mine had an accident with her car. Luckily, nobody got hurt."

The video - captured on a dual dash-cam (filming the driver and the road) – shows a woman piloting her vehicle along a wet single-carriageway at what appears to be legal speeds.

Suddenly, the car loses traction as she rounds a gentle bend but rather than panic, the nonchalant motorist appears to accept the inevitable and go along with the out of control car.

Things go from bad to worse as the car smashes into a grassy verge, becomes airborne and does a full rotation – the driver's face remaining cool as a cucumber throughout.

When the vehicle finally comes to rest, the driver – whose adrenaline levels should be through the roof by now– simply sighs, mutters something under her breath, slips the car into neutral and prepares to exit the wreck.

At this point the video stops but we can only image the hard-as-nails motorist brushes herself down and goes about her daily business like nothing has happened.

YouTube user Frisco68 updated the post, saying that after reading the comments below the video: "She had a good laugh this morning, which she could surely use. And a new car. And more driving lessons."

Adding, in a somewhat sexist manner: "(And) maybe a shorter chain so she can't get out of the kitchen."

Click play on the video below

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