Fuel thief starts car park inferno

Car park fire

CCTV has captured the moment a would-be thief started a massive fire in a car park while trying to siphon petrol.
Cameras at the car park in Millicent, Australia show the thief suspiciously hovering around a car's fuel filler cap before flames engulf him and the vehicle.

Police said that the dozy tea-leaf had lit a cigarette mid way through the operation, which ignited the fuel.

The 26-year-old man was later found with burns to his legs, after being captured on film running away with his trousers on fire. He has since been charged with arson and illegal interference with a motor vehicle.

Firefighters managed to stop the blaze spreading to nearby buildings, but it is estimated £60,000 worth of damage was already done.

Car yard owner Angus McDonald told Australia's Channel Ten Eyewitness News: "He was trying to get the fuel out of the car by punching a hole in the tank - that's when the explosion happened.

"There's about $110,000 worth of cars that have been lost and there's a bit of damage to the walls. We were very lucky the workshop didn't catch on fire because there's cars just over the other side of the wall."

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