CCTV captures fifty-car pile-up

Wisconsin pile-up

A traffic camera on an American highway has captured the moment at least 50 cars collided into one another due to slippery conditions.
Amazingly, no one was seriously injured in the massive crash, which occurred in Germantown, Wisconsin on Sunday.

The hazardous driving conditions, brought about by heavy snowfall in the area, saw many other vehicles lose control, with many narrowly avoiding the mass of crunched bumpers and whiplash injuries developing in front of them.

Traffic officer Tim Miller was responding to a separate incident when he saw the pile-up unfold:

"If people watch Nascar, and they watch the Daytona 500 or Talledega, where they wait for what's called the Big Crash, where all the cars crash because they're all so close together, that's what this was like - only there was nobody there to stop it with a yellow flag and slow all the other cars down," he said, reported the Telegraph.

"So you had that big, huge crash, and then cars just continued to just pile into it and taking evasive action. It didn't stop. You know, it was five, 10 minutes this went on for. It just kept going and going and going. I mean that's what was helpless about it."

Click play below to watch CCTV footage of the accident.

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