American family survives two days in the freezing mountains following car crash

A group of six people arrive at Pershing General Hospital after being lost for two days in the frigid mountains near Lovelock, Nev., Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013. (AP Photo/Cathleen Allison)

A family of six from Lovelock, USA, have miraculously survived two days in the freezing mountains after their Jeep overturned during a trip to play in the Nevada snow.
The alarm was raised when James Glanton, 34, his girlfriend Christina McIntee, 25, and four children - a 10-year-old, two four-year-olds and a three-year-old – headed out to the Seven Troughs mountain range in Nevada but failed to return.

Authorities said that nearly 200 people joined the search for the missing family on Tuesday, with rescue crews finally discovering the stricken vehicle in nearby Trinity Canyon after following a weak mobile phone signal.

Temperatures dropped to -8C during the time the family spent with their broken down vehicle, that had slid into a ravine, overturned and was refusing to start.

According to rescue teams, the family managed to stay warm and survive by burning a spare tyre, heating up rocks and sheltering beneath the Jeep in order to stay warm, reported Fox News.

"Their father kept them alive and well," said Patty Bianchi, CEO of Pershing General Hospital, where the six were taken.

"Everybody is in good shape. There was no frostbite. They are stable. They suffered a little exposure and dehydration, but that is all," she told The Daily Mail.

Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval tweeted about the discovery shortly after the news broke.

"Very glad to hear the missing family in Lovelock has been found and they are safe! Thank you to all who worked so tirelessly to find them!" he posted to the social media website.
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