Who were the most overpaid actors of 2013?


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In the world of rich lists, this is perhaps the cruelest. This particular annual Forbes list doesn't just look at how much actors are paid: it looks at how much money their films go on to make. It's only when an actor is paid a small fortune and produces a string of flops that they can make it to the upper echelons of this list.

So who are the most overpaid actors in Hollywood?

The researchers looked at the last three films that actors made over the last three years - to June last year.

The most overpaid actors of 2013

The most overpaid actors of 2013

The record for this list is still held by Drew Barrymore, who took the title in 2011 for making just 40 cents for every dollar she was paid. She wasn't considered for this year's list because she didn't make enough films. There's no mention either of last year's winner Eddie Murphy.