Police officers smash into £250,000 Ferrari 458 while performing a U-turn

The moment a police car and a hugely expensive Ferrari 458 locked bumpers has been caught on film.
Witnesses say the incident occurred on London's Edgware Road at around midnight on Friday and saw a Metropolitan Police BMW estate car allegedly collide with a Ferrari 458 while attempting to perform a U-turn in the road.

According to passers-by, the police car was in the middle of a three-point turn when the officers failed to notice the bright yellow Ferrari reversing nearby.

Inevitably, the two vehicles collided, causing a substantial amount of damage to the Ferrari's rear bumper. According to the Daily Mail, a spokesperson for luxury car dealership H R Owen estimated that the damage would cost in the region of £2,500 to rectify.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said it was too early to lay blame but eye witnesses recall the Ferrari driver and the police officers swapping details so needless to say, there's a rather large insurance bill winging its way to the Met.

Watch the video by Supercars of London below

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