Elderly driver flips car after driving over raising harbour bridge

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Fire crews extract the pensioner from her upturned Renault Clio.

A pensioner had a miracle escape when she crashed her car through a safety barrier and jumped across a gap in a lifting bridge.

In a scene more reminiscent to an action movie, the 86-year-old woman drove at 20mph through flashing red lights warning motorists the Poole harbour bridge was opening.

Her silver Renault Clio smashed into the red and white gate and carried on along the road bridge as it was being raised.

The sudden incline in the surface acted as a ramp and the pensioner's small vehicle shot off the end of the carriageway and plunged 6ft before landing on the other side.

The car then overturned, trapping the shocked but injured woman inside.

An 86-year-old driver has made a miraculous escape after smashing through the safety barriers at the Twin Sails Bridge in Poole, Dorset and leaping over the raising road, flipping her silver Renault Clio onto its roof.
The incident occurred at 11.30am on Friday and, according to Dorest Police, saw an elderly driver ignore the flashing warning lights on the safety barriers and continue to drive up the slowly raising bridge.

A police spokesperson told The Daily Mail: "Witnesses said the driver came right through the barrier at about 15 to 20mph as the bridge was opening.

"They immediately stopped opening the bridge but she carried on driving up the ramp and that flipped her over on to her roof."

He added: "Luckily she only sustained minor injuries."

Dorset Fire and Rescue services were immediately called to the scene where they worked quickly to stabilise the vehicle, a spokesperson explained: "We secured the vehicle to stabilise it, to stop the casualty moving about," he said.

"There was about seven foot between the car and the edge of the bridge."

Eyewitnesses were quick to take to social media outlets to explain their shock at the incident, with one fellow motorist Alex Evans saying on Twitter: "Woman carried on driving as bridge was lifting. Drove off edge and landed upside down."

Another witness described the scene as like something out of an action film, telling the Bournemouth Echo: "I thought it was a boy racer trying to jump across the bridge at first. It must have given the bridge operator one hell of a shock."
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