And England's prettiest city is...

Sinead Moore
Chester city centre
Chester city centre

If you are planning on jetting away for a weekend break, forget Venice and Paris and head instead for Chester. Because the city has been voted one of Europe's most beautiful cities in an online poll .

Chester has beaten iconic cities including Prague, Rome and Venice to gain the title of fifth prettiest European city.

American newspaper USA Today says of Chester: "Roman walls surround a charming collection of Tudor and Victorian buildings, and a delightful shopping district filled with half-timbered shops. It's reminiscent of a Grimm tale. There's not a modern structure in sight, making Chester one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Cheshire."

Despite being one of the smaller cities on the list, the charming north-west "fairytale-like" city won over the American readers with its intimate charms.

Chester MP Stephen Mosley said: "I am staggered that there are four European cities deemed prettier than Chester. But not surprised that our city was rated so highly."

"Whether it's the landmark Eastgate clock, our world famous city walls or our beautiful Cathedral – you can see it in Chester."

Chief executive of Marketing Cheshire Katrina Michel said: "We offer the wonderful combination of natural beauty with the River Dee and the Meadows and a lively historic centre with our unique shopping Rows and Roman walls. There is literally nowhere quite like it."

See the full list of the prettiest cities in Europe below.

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