Video: Fishermen risk lives to save deadly tiger shark

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A group of anglers put their lives at risk to save a three-metre tiger shark that had been caught on a fishing line in Western Australia.

As many people call for a cull of man-eating predators in Australia after two recent fatalities in one week, these men risk life and limb to save one from dying at Maud's Landing in Coral Bay.

One fisherman can be seen sitting on the shark's back as it thrashes around on the sand, so his friend can unhook the line from its mouth.

According to, a red towel was placed on the shark's head as pliers were used to release it.

After what felt like a long three minutes, the shark was freed, and the group attempt to push it back out to sea by its tail.

After around another minute, the animal makes it back out to the ocean to a round of applause from onlookers.

The clip was reportedly filmed on Wednesday in Western Australia.

According to Perth Now, a description of the video says: "A 4m 400kg tiger shark was accidentally caught off the coast of Western Australia in popular fishing area in the late afternoon.

"The local experienced fishermen came together ensuring the safe and humane release of this beautiful animal.

"The community cheered as the tiger was successfully released back into the water."

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