Passengers spend entire night on plane grounded by severe weather

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Passengers set to depart on one of the word's longest non-stop flights had to spend the entire night sleeping on a plane grounded by severe weather at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Passengers on board Qantas flight QF8 were set to depart for Brisbane on Friday at 10pm but the plane returned to the terminal after problems with ice.

According to the ABC News, Qantas spokeswoman Sharna Rhys-Jones said in a statement: "The passengers were given the option to stay on the plane or to go around the terminal.

"Due to the congestion at the airport from other cancellations, many passengers chose to stay on board."

Black ice affecting the roads meant airport authorities could not transport passengers to hotel rooms they had organised after the flight was cancelled.

According to the Daily Mail, passengers were provided with blankets, entertainment and free food as they camped out on the plane.

The 17-hour flight was rescheduled for 11pm on Saturday night.

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