Girls' Travelodge night 'from hell': Soiled mattresses and brown sludge in bath

Two women who booked to stay at a Travelodge in Leicester for their birthdays said the it was a "hotel from hell".

Leanne Jakeman, 23, and Amy Hardy, 22, were looking forward to their 'double birthday' night out, but said it was ruined after their hotel was found to be "disgusting".

Miss Jakeman attempted to have a bath before going out, but came back to find it filled with brown 'sludge'.

She said there was ripped carpets, missing ceiling tiles exposing wiring in the roof, and a stack of stained mattresses left in the corridor.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "It was horrible, it was like a hotel from hell. I ran a bath and came back to dirty, brown, sludgy water. It was disgusting."

She was told the boiler had not been working, but had not been warned of this in advance.

She added: "It was so messy and looked like a building site. You could see the electric wires in the ceiling and there were panels missing.

"The carpet was torn in lots of places and they had tried to cover it up with a caution sign lying flat but it just looked a tip."

The friends, who checked in one Saturday last month, have now been given a refund and offered a free weekend stay at a Travelodge.

A spokesperson for Travelodge apologised for the experience, and told the Daily Mail: "On the day in question, a temporary fault with the boiler resulted in a loss of hot water throughout the hotel, and caused water to leak in some places.

"Because this was a busy Saturday night, the hotel staff informed all customers that they could either remain in the hotel and receive a full refund, or be booked into other nearby hotels with all transport costs paid for."

She added that staff had worked to resolve other issues pointed out by Miss Jakeman.

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