Video: Pedestrian flipped over speeding car

Russian pedestrian flipped over car

Yet more shocking motoring antics have emerged from Russia, again captured on the ever-prevalent dash-cams, seemingly used by nearly all of the country's motorists.
This latest footage shows the shocking moment a pedestrian is struck by a speeding car, after trying to beat the traffic by running across the road.

Unfortunately, the driver can do little but slam on the brakes as he notices the man, who was hidden from view by a lorry he was overtaking.

What follows is a sickening collision that sees the unfortunate pedestrian flipped over the car by the force of the impact.

Although it's undoubtedly a nasty accident, the man is seemingly unhurt, and immediately springs to his knees – something which would have been unlikely to happen had he gone under the car rather than over it.

While he is obviously shocked, he is well enough to remonstrate with the driver as other motorists rush to his aid.

Click play below to watch the incident unfold, though be warned: some viewers might find the footage distressing.

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