Company boss drives Ferrari into work after sacking 45 staff

Ferrari 458

A former company director in Gloucestershire has attracted criticism from union bosses after arriving at work in a brand new Ferrari the day after making 45 of his staff redundant.> Trevor Modell, an executive at engine manufacturer Lister Petter, drove to the factory in Dursley in a Ferrari 458 Italia – which has a basic list price of £178,000 – while employees were still letting the news of their dismissal sink in.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for union Unite, which is currently in the process of negotiating redundancy packages with the company, described the action as "insensitive at best".

He continued: "Lister Petter has been in a mess for a while. The union believes this has been a result of bad management over a period of time."

Ferrari 458

Unite also stated that while job losses were expected, the sheer number of lay-offs came as shock.

When asked how Mr Modell could afford such an expensive car in the midst of so many redundancies, company director Pat Comer defended his former colleague, stating that while he was once an employee, he was now working as an external consultant for the company.
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