Eating five-a-day could boost your love life

Caroline Cassidy

If you have yet to find the love of your life, the answer could lie in what you eat. According to a new study, getting your five-a-day isn't just good for your health - it could also boost your love life.

Healthy eating could boost your love life
Healthy eating could boost your love life

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Researchers from York, St Andrews and Cambridge University claim the healthy glow attained by eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies makes people more attractive, while those who look sickly are passed over by potential mates.

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Photos of 20 men and women were taken during the study, and researchers then adjusted them to create four sets of images - one where the faces displayed the golden glow of a fruit and veg eater, another with a less healthy complexion, and two further sets where the skin tones were contrasting as before, but the images jumbled to create abstract images.

Volunteers then rated the attractiveness of the images, and while the contrasting colours of the abstract pictures made little difference, the glowing faces were judged as being better looking than their pastier counterparts.
As a result of the findings, researchers suggested those who were missing the glow of a healthy eater may give potential mates the impression that they could be in danger of infection.

York University researcher Carmen Lefevre, whose study was reported in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, said: "This suggests we use it in other people as a quick of who could be healthy and, perhaps more importantly, who may be unhealthy. You don't want to touch someone who has an illness you might catch."

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