Bargain hunter compiles list of bargain Christmas spirits

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When we're buying festive food and drink, we're usually in such a hurry that's hardly surprising that most of us don't take the time to shop around. It's hard enough work ensuring that Great Aunt Hinda has plenty of sherry and Uncle Aurthur has his whisky - without slogging round the supermarkets trying to work out who is offering the best deal on them.

Fortunately, there are deal hunters who do the hard work for us.
One dealhunter who has been particularly helpful this year is a user called Zombieman, who trawled five supermarkets for their best deals on spirits, and has compiled a list of his findings. He's so committed to the task that he updated the list last week and he will do so every week from now until Christmas.

Biggest savings

From Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose, he found that Asda came out on top as the best supermarket for spirit savings, providing the best deal for 37 of the 67 spirits listed; Tesco was second (21), Sainsbury's third (23), Morrisons and Waitrose came joint last with the best price for only nine of the spirits listed.

The biggest discounts seem to be available on whisky at the moment: there were major savings on all the brands he checked. The biggest saving of all was also on a bottle of whisky - because shoppers can save 37.5% on Aberlour 10 Year Old whisky, by buying it for £19.99 at Morrisons - compared to £32 elsewhere.

The top five deals in his list were:
Aberlour 10 year old 700ml. At Morrisons for £19.99 (a saving of £12.01)
Glenmorangie 10 year old 700ml. At Tesco and Asda for £25 (saving £10)
Famous Grouse 1 litre. At Sainsbury's for £15 (saving £9.50)
Teacher's 700 ml. At Morrisons for £15 (saving £9)
Remy Martin VSOP 700ml. At Morrisons for £25 (saving £9)

Bargain bestsellers

There were savings available on spirits across the board. Some of the best deals on the biggest sellers are:
Bell's 1l was £15 at Morrisons (saving £8)
Bailey's Original 1l was £12 at Tesco (saving £5)
Smirnoff Vodka 1l was £13 at Asda and Tesco (saving £3)
Bacardi Rum 1l was £15 at Sainsbury's (saving £3)
Croft Original Pale Sherry 1l was £8 at Asda (saving £1.99)
Gordons Dry Gin 1l was £17 at Tesco (saving £1)

All of which, of course, should be consumed responsibly.

Member Nk47 said, "That has to be the biggest and most useful piece of effort that's ever gone into a HUKD post! Thanks very much for that, away now to various supermarkets to stock up for Xmas! Let the festivities begin." While member Jimmybo added, "Bookmarked for Recreational Refreshments Reference during the festive season."

It's enough to get anyone into the festive spirit.

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