The world's most expensive Christmas wreath worth £2.8m

Christmas Wreath

How much do you spend on Christmas decorations? Most of us are in shock every year at the cost of forking out for a real tree, or replacing smashed baubles and faulty lights. So spare a thought for the super-rich who will have to spend a small fortune keeping up with the neighbours.

In fact, if they're going to have the best Christmas wreath on Millionaire's Row, they're going to have to spend £2.8 million.

Most expensive wreath

This year the world's most expensive Christmas wreath has gone on the market. And bizarrely it costs £2,835,000.

For your money you get luxurious flowers and leaves, assembled by Finnish Director of Flor Unikon Flowers, Pasi Jokinen-Carter. He's apparently a well-known florist to the rich, famous and royal.

Of course, for £2.8 million you'd hope for more than a few flowers - so they are studded with expensive gems. There are 16 rubies and 32 diamonds, totalling over 138 carats. Amongst the gems is a vivid red 17.49 carat ruby, and a 3.03 carat fancy yellow diamond.

The wreath is for sale on the website, which specialises in exclusive, unique, and expensive luxuries.

More massively expensive decorations

Of course, once the front of your house is suitably adorned, why stop there? You could have the most expensive Christmas tree in the world. The title is currently held by the one which stood in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi in 2010 at a cost of just under £7 million. It was decorated with 181 items of jewellery, precious stones and watches - along with more traditional baubles. So you know how high to set your sights.

You could also add the most expensive Christmas bauble ever made. This was a white gold one, made with 500 diamonds and 118 rubies by the Hallmark Jewellery business in Hampshire. It was valued at £82,000.

Then there's the world's most expensive Christmas cake, made in Tokyo in 2005 for a diamond-themed exhibition and featuring 223 diamonds. It was sold for just over £1 million.

So next time you're blowing the dust off a ten-year-old tree and lamenting the cost of those trendy new Nordic-themed baubles, spare a thought for those poor multi-millionaires and the fact that they're not going to get any change out of £10 million when they've finished decorating the house.
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