Video: Tenant takes sledgehammer to home after his deposit is withheld


A French tenant was furious about having his €2,000 security deposit withheld by his landlord. And after trying in vain to get his cash returned, he decided to get his money's worth - by attacking the property with a sledgehammer.

He has uploaded a video of his actions to YouTube. And he's not the only person to use this medium to seek revenge.


In the video, the man explains his predicament to the camera, then puts his sunglasses on and takes a sledgehammer to the bathroom. After obliterating the wall, he destroys the toilet and the mirror. Then he moves next door to smash holes in the living room wall.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, where is has been seen more than half a million times.

We will have to wait and see whether he faces the full force of the law for the damage. However, he is not the first person to take to YouTube for revenge.


One of the most famous was Dave Carroll, a musician from Nova Scotia, who had been at loggerheads with United Airlines in an attempt to get compensation after he said they damaged his guitar on a flight.

He eventually published the tune 'United Breaks Guitars' on YouTube and over half a million people saw the video online. In the resulting storm of publicity, United contacted him about a settlement.

Then in 2011 there was the computer enthusiast from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, who had his laptop stolen. He had set it up to back itself up online, so he could remotely access the backups and discover what the thief had been doing.

He used the thief's Facebook history to identify him, and he called police. Then he found the thief had made a video of himself dancing in front of the computer webcam to Make It Rain by Tyga, and he uploaded it to YouTube. It has had half a million views.

And finally, this September, Marina Shifrin quit her job at a Taiwanese animation house and uploaded a video of herself dancing round the offices explaining the conditions that had led her to quit. The video has been seen almost 17 million times.
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