'Big Freeze' to return with a vengeance next week

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'Big Freeze' to return with a vengeance next week
'Big Freeze' to return with a vengeance next week

After a reasonably mild few days in southern England, the bleak 'Big Freeze' is set to return to Britain in full effect from the end of next week.

Forecasters have warned daytime temperatures will plunge to freezing and snow is not out of the question.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "From the end of next week and across the weekend 7 to 8 December there is a hint of a colder Arctic plunge again.

"Certainly the northern half of the UK will become a lot colder for a time with the risk of snow showers, even at lower levels.

"There are some extreme model forecasts for the end of next week with temperatures struggling to lift much above zero by day on the 7 and 8 December, and snow showers over northern Scotland and along eastern and western coasts. However, we would give them a 30% risk at the moment with the coldest plunge most likely just to the east of the UK and across central Europe."

According to the Metro, the next three months could see a cold and harsh winter hit Britain.

A Met Office spokesperson told the paper: "Indications are that December will most likely be colder than average.

"For December-January-February as a whole uncertainty is quite large but below-average temperatures are more likely than above-average."

Meanwhile, this weekend will see bright but cold winter weather.

Leon said: "A brief change in the weather for the coming weekend with a colder north west flow on Friday, which will blow away all the low cloud and mist we have been plagued with recently.

"Some lovely winter sunshine for central and eastern England to Wales and southern Scotland on Saturday, a few isolated showers near the east coast. A frost overnight Saturday to Sunday morning for southern Britain though with temperatures as low as -1 to -3C. Less cold and more cloudy across northern Britain.

"From Sunday to Monday high pressure will build back over the UK so we will be back to the calm, but misty and rather cloudy weather. On Sunday the best of the sunshine is likely from eastern Scotland to eastern England, but by Monday much of the UK will be overcast, misty and also foggy.

"Next Tuesday the northern half of the UK should become much clearer again behind a cold front, while the south will stay misty and overcast with hill fog and some drizzle. The clearer and colder weather with night frost reaching the south by Wednesday night.

"We may see a widespread frost over central and southern Britain next Thursday morning with temperatures as low as -3 to -5 in rural areas."

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