Video: Woman cheats death after being struck by out-of-control taxi

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The horrifying moment a grandmother was wiped off her feet by a taxi that had careered out of control has been caught on camera.

Mirtes de Oliveira Podesta, 64, was about to step out on to a zebra crossing when the taxi came spinning around the corner, crashing into another car before hitting her and throwing her across the street in Maringa, Parana, south Brazil.

According to the Daily Mail, she said: "All I remember is that I was being very careful about crossing the street.

"I stopped at the zebra crossing and the lights changed for me to go across. I just can't figure out how this happened to me, but I am amazed that I am still alive."

Mirtes suffered fractures to her arms and legs, but doctors are shocked her injuries were not worse, or even fatal.

Dr Denilson Dalleffe, who tended to Mirtes, said: "Nothing in my medical training can explain how she survived. The trauma to her body was huge. It is a miracle and she will make a full recovery in six months."

The taxi driver admitted he had just come off a 24-hour shift and had fallen asleep at the wheel.

He could not remember anything apart from waking up with the airbag in his face.

The driver of the other vehicle was a 70-year-old grandfather taking his grandchildren to school. They all escaped with minor injuries.

According to The Sun, Mirtes added: "I hope that these drivers have more awareness from now on for the lives of others."

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