Cute video: Sea lion pup jumps on British tourist's kayak in New Zealand

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British holidaymaker Georgia Stephens got a super-cute surprise when a young sea lion pup suddenly jumped aboard her kayak for a cuddle.

She was out in open water near Adele Island in the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand, with her Belgian boyfriend, Martin Coppins, when the friendly sea lion opted to join them.

Georgia, 22, from Woodford, Essex, told the Daily Mail: "It started edging towards me, which I didn't really like because the locals told us not to go within 20 metres of the area's fur seals, as they can bite.

"Eventually it slid back into the water and came around to the front, and tried to jump back onto the kayak between me and Martin.

"It tried about three times but kept failing because it was too high."

Georgia added that it kept swimming around them for a few minutes more, then disappeared towards the rocks. After the nerves disappeared, the couple appeared to enjoy having a stowaway.

Some online users commented that a shark can be seen in one part of her film, but Georgia and Martin didn't' see one.

However, Georgia added: "It would give a good reason for the seal jumping onto my kayak."

Meanwhile, an adorable orphaned sea lion pup has found a new home - at the Milwaukee Zoo.

The pup, named Nalu, is three months old and was found abandoned on the coast in Santa Barbara, reports ABC Local.

He was malnourished and dehydrated when found, but is now doing well.

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