Sheikh showcases amazing car collection

Sheikh's car collection

If you're an avid fan of watching car videos on YouTube, you've probably noticed that for every informed, entertaining and well shot piece of footage, there is a deluge uploaded by amateur enthusiasts, aimed at simply showing off their flashy wheels.
The video below falls into that second camp, but when the cars in question belong to the mega-rich UAE Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nehayan, you can be sure it's a collection worth showcasing.

Nestled in his enormous garage are no less than five Bugatti Veyrons, including a Supersport World Record Edition and Grand Vitesse convertible.

Also sat alongside the more mainstream (at least in this company) Porsche 911s and Mercedes SLSs are the ultra rare Aston Martin One-77, Lamborghini Reventon and the striking Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster – an open-top road version of the company's GT1 Le Mans racer, of which only six were produced.

Of course, a supercar collection wouldn't be complete without a Ferrari, and our Shiekh has three stunning examples: An F40, Enzo and the first ever 599XX to be built by the Maranello marque.

Noticeable by its absence is the McLaren F1 – a car surely on the shortlist of any well-heeled petrolhead. However, it could be just that it's been lost in the vast sea of other exotic metal on display.


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